With offices in Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and Shanghai, Performance Health Systems specializes in delivering advanced technology solutions through its health and wellness equipment. Our expertise is grounded in years of product innovation, published scientific research and evidence-based practice.

Press Releases

2018-08-30 | Power Plate® Announces Second Store Location Opening at Oakbrook Center Near Chicago
2017-11-01 | Power Plate® Announces New Pop-up Location at Chicago's 900 North Michigan Shops
2017-09-21 | Power Plate® Achieves NEAT™ Certification
2017-09-14 | Power Plate® Becomes Official Fitness Technology Partner of The Northwestern University Wildcats
2017-07-18 | Power Plate Introduces Small Group Training Programs
2017-07-06 | Power Plate Joins Forces with SKLZ And EXOS To Create Fitness Powerhouse
2016-05-24 | World Champion Us Track Cyclists Utilizes Power Plate® In Preparation For The Rio Games
2016-04-20 | New Research Confirms Biodensity™ As A Safe Alternative To high Impact Activity In Rebuilding Bone Density
2015-09-15 | Fall Prevention Awareness Week, Sep. 23-29, Spotlight: Exercising on Power Plate Helps Seniors Improve Balance, Reduce Fall Risk
2015-08-17 | The Gray Institute to Incorporate Power Plate Vibration Training and Certification into Its Educational Program
2015-06-11 | bioDensity was featured during the health segment of Chicago's Fox-32 Midday news show
2015-04 | World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Disease - Summary & Abstract
2015-03-05 | Non-Drug Protocol for Building Bone Density Expected to Steal Spotlight at World Congress on Osteoporosis
2014-06-16 | Power Plate Shakes Up Workplace Wellness
2014-05-14 | Mounting Scientific Evidence Supports Role of Power Plate Whole Body Vibration in Lowering Blood Pressure
2014-04-03 | Power Plate Shakes Up Group Exercise
2014-04-03 | Power Plate Unveils First Whole-Body Vibration Equipment, Specifically Designed for the Medical Market
2014-04-03 | Power Plate Introduces New Enhancements to Elite-Athlete Training
2014 | EXOS Partners with Performance Health Systems to Incorporate Power Plate Vibration Training Into Its Industry-Leading Sports Performance Programs
2014-01-07 | Power Plate Shakes Up Whole-Body Vibration, Again
2013-06-25 | The Power Plate Behind the Cup: Blackhawks 'Secret' Training Weapon Revealed